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Watch Me Shine is a comprehensive childcare program Located in Bangor 
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About our Program

A field trip to the Fire Station!

Watch Me Shine, Inc. was developed to help children with developmental disabilities such as PDD, PDD-NOS, OCD, MR, Autism, Aspergers, ADD, ADHD and other Autism Spectrum Disorders, Sensory Issues, Behavioral Issues, Auditory Processing Disorder, and other similar disorders.  Watch Me Shine works with children on the full range of spectrums, from mild to severe.  The purpose of Watch Me Shine is to enhance children’s interests in each other and develop socially, emotionally, academically, and cognitively.  Watch Me Shine strives to go beyond a typical preschool regime, beyond a typical play date and make a more intensive and explicit effort to fuel their curiosity about other children and people, the environment around them, to draw them out of their world and into ours.  Affective interactions build social and emotional development, intelligence and morality. 


Watch Me Shine is based on the Developmental Difference Relationship-based model (DIR model) of Dr. Stanley Greenspan and Dr. Serena Wieder.  We utilize the Affect Based Language Curriculum (ABLC) component for developing speech and language, and we incorporate Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) within all of our programming.  Watch Me Shine will also incorporate Sensory Integration throughout the day, as well as other innovative and creative learning approaches, as needed throughout the day for each individual child. 


There are 3 dimensions of learning that are equally important to enhance academic skills.  Those are social learning, emotional development and cognitive development.  You need the whole package in order to fully develop a child.


Emotions give direction to our actions and meaning to our experiences, they enable us to control our behavior, store and organize our experiences, construct new experiences, solve problems and think.  Watch Me Shine will use this theory to drive their teaching, to engage children and to pull them into our world and our ideas.  All abstract concepts have emotional content; in fact, abstract concepts cannot be attained without emotion, since they represent categorizations of lived emotional experiences.


Affect plays a central role in all learning.  It is affect that helps children initiate actions, respond to others, generate ideas, find meaning, and symbolize experiences.  Affect is a strong motivating factor for a child’s desire to interact, communicate, think and learn.  Affect connects a child’s ideas or intents to actions.  At more advanced developmental and cognitive levels, affect generates specific interests, passions and competencies and becomes the driving force that leads to successful learning.  Therefore affect is a core component of the program or method used to engage a child, challenge a child, or re-direct a child, etc.


How is memory relationship actually made?  The process from both a biological and behavioral perspective is critically dependent on reinforcement.  Reinforcement can come in the form of repetition or practice (what the Applied Behavioral Approach emphasizes); we remember that a cow lives on a farm and a bear lives in a zoo because we have heard it so many times.  Reinforcement can also occur through emotional arousal (this is what the Floortime Approach emphasizes); most children remember situations you make meaningful to them either through play or hands on activities.  Arousal is also a product of attention, so memories can be reinforced independent of context by paying careful attention to expose the children to various play activities centered around a purposeful planed learning activity.  This is the approach we use here at Watch Me Shine Developmental Preschool, Inc..


Research examining aspects of the social and emotional readiness of children to enter kindergarten comes from the Child Mental health Foundations and Agencies Network (FAN).  FAN published a report in fall 2000, “Off to A Good Start:  Research on the Risk Factors for Early School Problems and Selected Federal Policies Affecting Children’s Social and Emotional Development and Their Readiness for School.”  The report addresses research into federal programs affecting children’s readiness to enter into kindergarten, as well as a work done by researchers at Stanford looking at risk factors for early school problems in children.  According to the report, there is much room for improvement in our current system of support for emotional and social readiness.  A large percentage of children entering kindergarten are just not receiving the assistance they need to prepare them for school and, ultimately, life.  Watch Me Shine’s goal is to help children be as ready socially, emotionally, and academically for kindergarten as possible.  We do place a sense of urgency in our teaching and programming, as time is an issue.  Our children are sponges during the preschool and early years, we need to recognize that and treat them aggressively because we can dramatically impact their development.


Watch Me Shine strives to fill these gaps, to develop the child as a whole.  We place equal emphasis on all developmental and learning areas and offer a full comprehensive learning and developmental program.  We enlist the help and support from other licensed professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Behavioral Therapists, Floortime Coaches, Music Therapy, and other professionals.


Watch Me Shine will use the child’s interests and strengths to develop lessons and programming.  The children must be challenged to keep reaching toward higher levels of interactions, problem solving, symbolic thinking and abstraction.  Watch Me Shine teachers and providers will use affect to draw in interest, gain engagement, and encourage a child to step outside of their comfort zone and try. 


Since the school component is only one piece of the puzzle for these children, teachers and providers will encourage parents and siblings to learn the approaches we use.  We spend time with the families teaching them how to engage their children, how to play with them, how to handle inappropriate behaviors, etc.  We do this through on going coaching, parent workshops, a lending library of books and videos as well as offering sibling workshops.


Watch Me Shines stresses the importance of addressing the various underpinnings of the child’s developmental difficulties, to identify the gaps that may exist in each child’s development and work on moving forward.  We design our programs for the individual child, rather than fitting the child into a program.  Our programs are comprehensive, providing a full range of educational, social and emotional programming.

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