Watch Me Shine
Watch Me Shine is a comprehensive childcare program Located in Bangor 
           28 Gilman Plaza    
             Bangor, ME        
      Phone# (207) 990-0162
      Fax# (207) 990-0163

About the Director

Dozens of families in Eastern Maine have been helped by a family from North Carolina that arrived in Ellsworth five years ago. One Tiffany Nowicki’s young children, just three at the time of the family’s move, was missing the comprehensive therapy for autism that had been received in the families previous community.  So Tiffany used the model she knew to launch in Ellsworth the Watch Me Shine Developmental Preschool and In-Home Services.  Ms. Nowicki's child has long since successfully mainstreamed into a public school system.  “Everything I have ever wanted for my child has happened,” Nowicki  says. “Having worked through this entire process together, my child is the epitome of the success story.” 

Adapted from The Ellsworth American Spring 2010

Word circulated about Watch Me Shine, which specializes in applied behavior analyis, developmental therapy (particularly DIR and Floortime) and special purpose programming for children ages birth to five years old.  Today there are two locations for the program — in Ellsworth at 23 Carriage Way, and in Bangor at 676 Broadway.  Each site has dedicated managers, special education lead teachers, general education preschool teachers and ed techs I, II and III who work year-round, so they can track the young students’ progress year round. 

Watch Me Shine also provides Section 28 in-home services (for children birth through 15) between the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Mrs. Petronis and her staff continually are broadening their professional training. “We feel that other states are ahead of the curve with early intervention and other therapies, so we take several weeks  annually for lead teachers and supervisors to go out-of-state for conferences and seminars in order to keep up with training and interventions.”  Tiffany is a certified early intervention special education teacher in the State of Maine.  Tiffany is also a Certified DIR (Developmenal Individual-Difference Relationship) Professional.  Tiffany's philosophies include Applied Behavior Analysis, DIR, Floortime, Sensory Integration and cognitive techniques.
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