Watch Me Shine
Watch Me Shine is a comprehensive childcare program Located in Bangor 
           28 Gilman Plaza    
             Bangor, ME        
      Phone# (207) 990-0162
      Fax# (207) 990-0163

Section 28:  Home and Community Programming for

Children with Special Needs, Cognitive Impairments and Functional Limitations

These services are designed to support your child both at home and in the community.  We work to help your child learn in the following areas:

Social:  learn to develop relationships, initiate and maintain interactions, and be able to have purposeful and interactive play skills

Daily Living Skills:  develop the ability to dress, eat, and complete hygiene more independently.

Behavior:  Develop the ability to recognize  emotions and express them calmly without aggression or avoidance.

Our services have a strong family focus.  To maximize your child’s progress, parents are required to participate in programming implementation and treatment. 

Section 28 services are approved and funded through DHHS.  They can range from a few hours up to 40 hours per week. 

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