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Speech and Language Therapy Benefits

Communication is essential for human growth and development. From birth into adulthood, we continuously use different methods of communication to convey our wants and needs. A primary way – speech – is a learned skill that must be practiced and improves over time. At Watch Me Shine, we offer various teaching methods and therapies, including […]

Speech and Language Therapy – How Does It Work?

When your child needs help learning to communicate or pronounce words clearly, you should consider a speech and language pathologist. Speech and language therapy can be an integral part of building your child’s communication skills.  At Watch Me Shine, we are proud to offer speech and language therapy to help your child grow and develop. If […]

How To Get The Most Out Of Speech Therapy

When your child has difficulty expressing themselves, it can be hard for not only them, but everyone involved.  As a parent this can be very difficult, but there are ways to work through this challenge to make it easier for you and your child. Watch Me Shine is proud to be a part of this […]

Special Education Teachers Connect with Families

One of the most crucial parts of successful special education programs is assessing each student thoroughly and developing a complete profile to understand their needs. When we gain an understanding of how each child grows and learns, we can better help students succeed. At Watch Me Shine, we work to develop an individualized plan to […]

Trick or Treating Safety 101

Our primary focus may be how we can change our students’ lives through special education, but that doesn’t mean we don’t think about the world outside our four walls! We love the Halloween season. With it coming close, we thought providing some trick or treating safety tips could benefit guardians and help make the holiday […]

This Is Why Watch Me Shine Focuses On Integrating a Behavioral and Developmental Approach to Treatment

The special education field is diverse, multifaceted, and interpretive. Some schools use one approach. However, that plan may not fit into another center. Despite how many plans there are out there, one thing remains true: an approach focusing on  behavior and development is ideal. It creates the best opportunities for students, too. Watch Me Shine […]

What’s New At Watch Me Shine

As the school season comes closer to finishing, we are still working hard! To make the experience as good as possible for all of our students, we are improving our quarters to better suit their needs. We are very excited about these developments and can’t wait to share them with you! Our New Clinician As […]

What Sets Watch Me Shine Apart

Finding the right child care center can be difficult. There are many factors to consider, especially if your child has special needs. You want to put your kid in the best place for their needs – any school they attend should have plenty of attention to detail and know how to work with children like […]

Three Things That Impact The Learning Process

Most people think of learning as a simple, streamlined process: the concept gets introduced, students learn it, and the cycle repeats. However, what people often forget is that everyone absorbs ideas in different ways. It’s critical that all needs get addressed when learning takes place, so students have complete confidence in their learning ability and […]

This Is Why Our Approach Works For Students

One thing all educators must understand before they embark on the path to educating others is that every student is different. There are unique needs, some alike and some distinct to individuals, that must get addressed in curriculums and activities. While it is important to incorporate that mentality into coursework, it’s also necessary for assessing […]

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