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What to Look for in Bangor Child Care

When looking for a daycare provider, there are probably thousands of things running through your mind. Is the curriculum what my child needs? Are the teachers caring? We’ve compiled this list to help you figure out what to look for in your ideal program. Although everyone has different needs, we believe that’s what makes Watch […]

Five Foods Essential to Healthy Brain Development

At Watch Me Shine, we strive to provide an environment in which children thrive. From our Bangor ME daycare and preschool to personalized family counseling, we hope to nurture our students and develop them into well rounded, healthy individuals. And that includes nutrition. Since the majority of our population is very young, we focus on foods […]

Occupational Therapy Highlight

If you’re unfamiliar with occupational therapy, you came to the right place. Occupational therapy is a form of therapy designed to practice and use skills necessary for daily life to encourage rehabilitation from both mental and physical disabilities. At Watch Me Shine, our occupational therapy programs are designed to cater to the needs of each […]

A Special Education Like No Other

Here at Watch Me Shine, our individualized approach to cater to the needs of every child was developed out of necessity. No other program out there bridges the gap between home skills with those learned in the classroom. Our special education programs focus on integrating skills learned in our center with at home activities and […]

Our Bangor Childcare is Different: Here’s Why

The childcare specialists here at Watch Me Shine understand how difficult it can be to leave your young one in the care of others, especially for the first time. We’re devoted to taking the time to understand the needs of each child, and giving each child the attention and education they need to succeed. Our […]

Perks of Maine Special Education at Watch Me Shine: The Wrap Around Method

Watch Me Shine was founded on the idea that every child is unique. This individuality spreads from how they do things and learn about how they interact with their peers and the world around them. We kept this in mind when we developed the wrap around method of teaching. We apply this style to all […]

Importance of Early Intervention

As with anything else, the sooner you identify problems, the more easily they can be remedied. When it comes to issues with speech or other learning disabilities, early intervention can help your child “catch up” with their classmates more quickly than if the diagnosis comes later. Early intervention here at Watch Me Shine helps us […]

Speech and Language Therapy Benefits

Communication is essential for human growth and development. From birth into adulthood, we continuously use different methods of communication to convey our wants and needs. A primary way – speech – is a learned skill that must be practiced and improves over time. At Watch Me Shine, we offer various teaching methods and therapies, including […]

Speech and Language Therapy – How Does It Work?

When your child needs help learning to communicate or pronounce words clearly, you should consider a speech and language pathologist. Speech and language therapy can be an integral part of building your child’s communication skills.  At Watch Me Shine, we are proud to offer speech and language therapy to help your child grow and develop. If […]

How To Get The Most Out Of Speech Therapy

When your child has difficulty expressing themselves, it can be hard for not only them, but everyone involved.  As a parent this can be very difficult, but there are ways to work through this challenge to make it easier for you and your child. Watch Me Shine is proud to be a part of this […]

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