Special Education Teachers Connect with Families

Special Education Teachers Connect with Families

One of the most crucial parts of successful special education programs is assessing each student thoroughly and developing a complete profile to understand their needs. When we gain an understanding of how each child grows and learns, we can better help students succeed.

At Watch Me Shine, we work to develop an individualized plan to help each child reach their full potential. We work hard in the classroom, and your child can even further flourish by reinforcing classroom concepts at home. It’s essential that a child’s entire support system – including family and education specialists – are all on the same page. Follow the steps below to make sure your child is getting the most out of our program!

Assess How You Engage

Every child is different, and how you communicate with one may not work with another. Communication is one of the primary focuses here at Watch Me Shine, and engaging with your child in a way that works best for them gives them the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings fully. For children in speech therapy, using images or sign language can be effective solutions while they are learning to speak effectively. Practicing exercises learned in the classroom can also help your child progress more quickly.

Reinforce Concepts

Like we said above, practicing classroom activities at home can accelerate your child’s progress. For example, if they’re practicing how to read for 30 minutes during the school day, that’s about 2.5 hours per week. If you sit with them and work on the skills, they learned that day for just 15 minutes each day, that’s over an hour of extra practice! Additionally, reviewing classroom exercises can help you understand the methods and teaching styles we employ here in our special education programs and implement them into your at-home practice.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

An overarching theme in finding success here at Watch Me Shine is keeping everyone in the loop. The best way to reinforce classroom ideas and exercises is to talk about them in the same way we do here. We strive for a reliable connection not only with the child but their support system at home as well. We understand that what works for one family might not work for another, and we want to develop a program to help each child shine.

At Watch Me Shine, we recognize that each child is unique, and requires special education programs that work for their needs. Please call us at (207) 990 0162 to learn what we can offer your family!

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