Speech and Language Therapy – How Does It Work?

Speech and Language Therapy – How Does It Work?

When your child needs help learning to communicate or pronounce words clearly, you should consider a speech and language pathologist. Speech and language therapy can be an integral part of building your child’s communication skills.  At Watch Me Shine, we are proud to offer speech and language therapy to help your child grow and develop.

If you have never considered speech and language therapy for your child, it can truly be a wonderful addition to your child’s current support system.

Individualized Attention

The core of any plan is the individualized nature.  Each child has different needs and Watch Me Shine strives to serve each child, allowing them to learn at their own pace. This includes building an individualized plan around what your child needs.   We begin by assessing their needs, then we work from the ground up to develop a comprehensive plan. These plans will work to expand your child’s communication skills and then ultimately improve their overall quality of life.

Focus on Family

Another significant part of speech and language therapy that ensures success is the focus on family. We take a look at each child’s profile and observe how the family interacts with them. This enables us to then provide coaching to the parent and family if necessary.  This allows the whole family to be part of the process. Additionally, we encourage students to bring skills  home and, with support from their family, continue their learning outside the classroom.

Watch Me Shine is proud to have highly qualified, certified speech and language therapists on staff with many years of experience working with clients in a variety of settings.  Our therapists are dedicated to your child’s speech and language development and are committed to working together to provide the highest quality programming for your child to meet their developmental milestones.

Speech and language therapy is a beneficial, enriching addition to a child’s learning that can help children overcome language difficulties, articulation problems, apraxia, and more. Watch Me Shine is proud to offer this therapy as part of your child’s programming, supporting them in their growth.  To learn more about our education center, please call us at (207)-990-0162.

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