Three Things That Impact The Learning Process

Three Things That Impact The Learning Process

Most people think of learning as a simple, streamlined process: the concept gets introduced, students learn it, and the cycle repeats. However, what people often forget is that everyone absorbs ideas in different ways. It’s critical that all needs get addressed when learning takes place, so students have complete confidence in their learning ability and perform well. There are a few items that can impact the learning process and cause it to be different for everyone.

1.) Home Life

The way parents, siblings, or other members of the household treat a student has an impact on every facet of their life. Some students throw themselves into work because of an unfortunate home situation, while others have trouble focusing because of loose guidelines in their household. Whatever the case may be, a child’s home life has an impact on their ability to focus, communicate, and work.

2.) Cognitive Development

Watch Me Shine is proud to focus on behavioral aspects of learning. We take the time to understand cognitive behaviors and do our best to tailor make every student a plan that is best for them. Children with cognitive impairments have no choice in the matter, and their altered perspectives can make certain parts of learning harder than others. That’s why we take the time at Watch Me Shine to know students on a deep, personal level – so our students succeed and learn through their lens.

3.) Teaching Methods

The most important mean of reaching a student is to explain the concept in a classroom. However, not every teacher is the same. Depending on your curriculum and approach, the learning experience can be very different for individuals. How the ideas get taught makes a difference. For example: if you presented a visual learner a lesson without any visual aids, they wouldn’t pick up the concept.

These are just a few of the many factors that can impact learning. Watch Me Shine understands how important it is to get to know students on a personal level, so they have a successful learning process. To learn more about our establishment, give us a call at (207)-990-0162.

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