3 Developmental Skills Associated With Puzzle Making

3 Developmental Skills Associated With Puzzle Making

If there is one thing that unites every individual, it is that we are different. Children are no exception. Being unique in everything we do also means that every child learns and thrives differently. This said, there are many studies that show that certain elements of play offer the same beneficial developmental skills. For example, as the number one daycare in Bangor, ME, our team at Watch Me Shine knows that without puzzles, many opportunities would be lost! In fact, puzzles provide skills not only to our generation, but also to the oldest!


January 29th is National Puzzle Day, so we thought it would be a perfect time to talk about puzzles. 


Fine Motor Skills

While no one development skill is more important than the next, fine motor skills are certainly on the top of the list. 

These skills reference the coordination of small muscular movements between the eye, hands and fingers. No matter what stage your child is at, there is a puzzle designed specifically for their growth. From wooden block pieces to small cardboard jigsaw pieces, the grasping motion encourages one to work on their fine motor skills.


Memory Enhancement

Short term memory is the ability to hold small amounts of information for a short period of time. As anyone knows, both short and long term memory are essential for everyday life, at any stage of life. With puzzles, the process of sorting, recognizing shapes, and organizing pieces helps to enhance the short term memory skills.


Concentration and Problem Solving

Whether an individual works on a traditional board puzzle or crossword puzzle, every puzzle encourages problem solving techniques. With problem solving comes a level of concentration. Again, two skills that are used in everyday life, no matter what the situation or job at hand may be.


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On National Puzzle Day, or any day really, be sure to set aside some time to create a puzzle with your child! With the undeniable numerous benefits, this fun pastime should be a part of every day! At Watch Me Shine, we pride ourselves in being the top ‘childcare near me.’ With a strong focus on each child, their strengths and needs, our staff encourages children to be the very best they can!


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