In 2005, Watch Me Shine Started From Scratch as a Play Group and Became a Center for Specialized Learning.


To be recognized as a leading school in providing early childhood education programming and early intervention that features a dynamic and collaborative environment.


To help children achieve their greatest potential by providing them with safe and supportive learning environments that respect their individuality, and nurtures their capacity to engage in social interactions.

Our staff is highly trained to meet a child’s emotional, social, and academic development. Watch Me Shine uses a team approach that includes the families of the children served.

Watch Me Shine is a superior preschool, child care, and multi-therapy service for young children. Our mission is to create a new type of specialized learning environment that is developmentally appropriate by offering holistic care that is individualized, evidenced-based, and bolsters relationship building skills while providing the educational tools necessary to allow a child to achieve their greatest potential.

We offer a majority of youth services under one roof. Our goal is to provide the structure and professional assistance required to take positive steps forward with each child and family that builds on their strengths.

By focusing on the child’s specific needs from the ground up and maintaining a low staff-to-student ratio in all of our services, our staff members get to know each student personally. This partnership results in a nurturing and supportive environment, directly benefitting the child’s emotional, social, and academic development. WMS is a state-licensed and accredited school.

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