Trick or Treating Safety 101

Trick or Treating Safety 101

Our primary focus may be how we can change our students’ lives through special education, but that doesn’t mean we don’t think about the world outside our four walls! We love the Halloween season. With it coming close, we thought providing some trick or treating safety tips could benefit guardians and help make the holiday a success. Read on and to make your Halloween safer and more fun!


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The safety of your child(ren) is paramount, keeping a close eye on them throughout the night is a priority. Remember, many children are impulsive and run after something that sparks their interests. There will be fun and exciting things everywhere while we are out trick-o-treating, this includes cars in the street and in and out of driveways.  Hold their hands and don’t let them leave your side!



Bright Clothing or Tape

As outside gets darker earlier, it has become time to focus on preventing accidents in the dark. If your child’s costume doesn’t contain colors or accessories to reflect and shine a light, they will be far less visible. It’s easy to make your child add bright reflective tape, clothing or glow lights stand out. They will stay safe.



Inspect Their Treats

The chances are your child will want to dive right into their candy. We can’t blame them! Still, it’s important to take the time to look at their sweets and see if they got opened or look unsafe. It only takes a few minutes and gives you the peace of mind you need before they eat.



Visit Familiar Areas

Going to familiar houses and areas during trick or treating brings a great deal of comfort to your child(ren), and can make the process a bit easier since you know how to navigate the area. Plus, you’ll already trust the people providing candy to trick or treaters!




Halloween is all about fun for children, and we love encouraging students to enjoy themselves. Still, safety is paramount. For quality special education, call Watch Me Shine at (207)-990-0162. We’re happy to make your child’s education experience a great one!

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