An Inside Look at Language – Speech Therapy

An Inside Look at Language – Speech Therapy

Understanding the signs, the what, and the why’s of language speech therapy in ME are crucial in providing your child with services they may require. However, this is an area that often goes unnoticed or is recognized too late. As the number one provider in ME language and speech therapy, our team at Watch Me Shine is here to answer your questions.


What is ME Language Speech Therapy?

Before you can recognize the signs or answer the ‘how to,’ you must first understand the what. What is language speech therapy?


Speech therapy is a treatment for children with speech and/or language disorders.


Which leads us to another what. What are language disorders?


What are speech disorders?

There are three distinct speech disorders that a child may have. Each condition refers to a problem with making sounds.

  • Articulation – This disorder falls with trouble making sounds in syllables that ultimately lead to saying words incorrectly. Often, it becomes difficult for those around the child to understand what is trying to be spoken.
  • Fluency – Fluency refers to the flow of speech. Common recognizable problems are stuttering, prolonging a sound or syllable, or other disruptions to the natural flow.
  • Voice – A voice disorder can sometimes cause a child discomfort when they speak. Having issues with pitch, volume, and quality of their voice, may be associated with other areas such as the ears.


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Understanding the different types of language disorders

Likewise, there are three distinct areas of language disorders. This category refers to a difficulty understanding or putting words together when communicating.

  • Receptive – This disorder refers to difficulties with understanding or processing.
  • Expressive – Here, there are problems with putting words together, being unable to communicate in socially appropriate ways, or having a limited vocabulary.
  • Cognitive communication – This category refers to difficulties with memory, attention, perception, and problem solving with communication skills.


While this is a very general and broad overview, language speech therapy ME can help your child overcome and succeed with potential difficulties. At Watch Me Shine, our trained and certified team of experts are here and ready to evaluate, recommend, and help your little one become the best that they can be!


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If you believe your child may require speech or language therapy services, please contact Watch Me Shine today by calling (207) 990-0162.

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