Our Bangor Childcare is Different: Here’s Why

Our Bangor Childcare is Different: Here’s Why

The childcare specialists here at Watch Me Shine understand how difficult it can be to leave your young one in the care of others, especially for the first time. We’re devoted to taking the time to understand the needs of each child, and giving each child the attention and education they need to succeed. Our Bangor childcare is here to help your child shine.

The “Wrap Around” Method

With a variety of services, like speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, special education, and early intervention, we’re proud to offer exactly what your child needs. With that in mind, we want to communicate how important it is that the learning and skills learned here don’t stop at the door. By employing this “wrap around” method of teaching, we hope to involve the whole family in the process. When these skills and practices make their way home, children are more likely to develop and excel faster.

Full Day Preschool & Childcare

At our Bangor childcare center, we accept children from birth to five years of age. This allows to effectively develop our programs to cater to the needs of younger children. We offer full day preschool and childcare, so you don’t have to worry about finding a babysitter or coordinating around your work schedule. Our preschool programs encourage physical, emotional, and social skills, with games and activities centered around learning.

Occupational, Speech & Language Therapies

At Watch Me Shine, we thrive on the idea that no child is the same. We encourage these differences and enjoy developing programs that are perfect for your individual. We offer therapy services – speech and language, and occupational – to cater to children who learn a little differently. You can trust your child is getting the individual educational attention that is perfect for them.

Whether you have a newborn or your toddler starting preschool, Watch Me Shine is the place for everyone. Our caring, attentive staff work hard each day to make each child feel special. Our Bangor childcare center is the perfect place for everyone. For more information about our programs or to schedule a visit, give us a call at (207) 990-0162.

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