Benefits of Early Intervention

Benefits of Early Intervention

Choosing the best educational program for your child can be extremely stressful.  A center filled with professional quality staff that caters to individual needs is hard to come by.  At Watch Me Shine, we encourage children to meet their highest potential.  Through early intervention, our staff focuses on a variety of services. Whether you are looking for full day childcare or specialized services in Bangor ME our center is dedicated not only to the children but their families.



One of the best ways to figure out if your child needs early intervention services is to be involved.  Monitoring the development of basic skills in your baby and toddler will help you know if they are on track.  In our first three years of life, we learn a lot! Your child’s physician should also work with you on developmental milestones.



If you feel your child may not be at level in areas of his/her development, an assessment of skills will most likely occur.  Depending on the area of focus, specialized testing has been created to see where your child’s strengths and weaknesses fall.  Programs designed for specific needs allow professionals to asses and give the best care possible.



After the determination has been made, an individualized plan will be created to help your child thrive.  At Watch Me Shine we offer a variety of programs to meet a majority of needs.  With a low student-staff ratio and on-site licensed professionals, we provide all that is needed to help your child take the next steps.  Also recognizing that this can sometimes be stressful on family members,  mental health and family counseling services are available.


Early intervention is key to achieving the best outcomes for children with developmental disabilities.  We offer building skills while providing the educational tools necessary will allow a child to reach their highest potential. If you believe your child may need early intervention services, contact us today at (207) 990-0162.  Watch Me Shine started in 2005 and is known today as a leading school featuring a dynamic and collaborative environment for your little one.

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