3 Steps to Early Intervention

3 Steps to Early Intervention

Choosing the best educational program for your child can be extremely stressful. Let’s face it; there is no denying that a center filled with professional quality staff that caters to individual needs is hard to come by. At Watch Me Shine, we encourage children to meet their highest potential. Through early intervention, our staff focuses on a variety of potential obstacles. 


Watch Me Shine is dedicated not only to your child, but also your family.


Here, we explore three of the top reasons on how early intervention can help your child, and family, succeed.


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If you have concerns, one of the best ways to determine if your child needs early intervention services is to be involved. By monitoring the development of basic skills, you gain insight to your child’s development.

Did you know that in the first three years of life, we learn a lot!

Your child’s physician can work with you on developmental milestones that are appropriate for your child. Remember, everyone is different! 



After having hands on involvement and conversations with your child’s physician, if you feel your child may not be at level, an assessment of skills is often the next step. Depending on the area of focus, specialized testing provides insight to your child’s strengths and weaknesses. With the testing results in hand, individualized programs further allow professionals to help address specific needs. 


After an evaluation is complete, creating an individualized plan to help your child thrive is imperative. At Watch Me Shine, we offer a variety of programs to meet a majority of needs.  With a low student-staff ratio and on-site licensed professionals, you can have peace of mind that your child’s interests come first. Further, recognizing that this time can sometimes be stressful on family members, we also offer  mental health and family counseling services.


 Early intervention is key to achieving the best outcome for children with developmental disabilities.  


Watch Me Shine provides the building skills needed, while offering the educational tools necessary will allow a child to reach their highest potential. 

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If you believe your child may need early intervention services, contact us today at (207) 990-0162.  


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