Celebrate National Fairy Tale Day!

Celebrate National Fairy Tale Day!

Hello Families! 

Today is National Fairy Tale Day!

What is your favorite Fairy Tale? From Jack and the Bean Stalk to The Three Little Pigs, or an old favorite such as the Three Billy Goats Gruff! Fairy tales are wonderful as they spark a young child’s imagination while also showing children how the characters can overcome obstacles. Imagination is important as it teaches children:

  • Social-emotional development – as children role-play other characters, they experiment with emotional concepts which helps them develop emotional knowledge, empathy, and a deeper consideration for others.
  • Higher level thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Language Development
  • Creativity


Try reading your favorite fairy tale with your children this weekend. After you read the book, create a play scheme by:



Building a set to act the story out live with your children.

Parents, you do the hard part, if cutting is required, you can cut out the pieces. Then give the kids some paint and a paintbrush and let them paint the set.

Once the set is built, read the book again, and act out the story with your child using the set you created!

Have fun, get silly, and create memories that will last a lifetime!


Stage the living room.

Use couch cushions, blankets, pillows, etc. to transform the room into one of the scenes from the story.

Your child will have so much fun creating a fun play space with you! Building a fort can be a lengthy process, from construction plans to material acquisition, and then how to build it so it stands. Have fun. Allow them to make mistakes and learn to laugh it off and try again.

Once it is built, the only thing left to do is PLAY!


Use popsicle sticks!

Popsicle sticks are a wonderful tool to use when you want to reenact a story!

Make hand puppets by coloring, painting, and gluing to make the characters onto a popsicle stick.

Find items around the house like paper, noodles, foam, pipe cleaners, q-tips, etc. (be creative, your child will love it).

You can also create bridges and other things with popsicle sticks, let your imagination run wild!!

As you act out the story, encourage your child to participate, building on ideas, using their imagination, answering questions, and solving problems. 


Turn the story into a craft project.

Crafting helps children develop fine motor skills and visual motor skills while also using their imagination and creative thinking skills. Use this opportunity to reinforce color id and counting.

Parents can have fun creating wonderful crafts and activities with their children using a variety of items found around the house. Let your imaginations run wild and create something spectacular. 


Use your imagination.

Parents, whatever you may decide to do, use your imagination to create a fun way in which to build a set to help act out the book.

However you decide to reenact the fairy tale, you will find you and your children transported to a land of imagination and fun! These are memories that will last a lifetime, create them often.


A child’s imagination is a beautiful thing, and it is our joy and parents, therapists, and teachers to provide these opportunities to our children to help them flourish and shine in all they do! Happy National Fairy Tale Day! 

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