Have You Hugged Your Child Today?

Have You Hugged Your Child Today?

Did you know that today, January 21st is National Hugging Day? Created in 1986, this day was designed to help people healthily express their emotions. Offering Bangor child care services that go beyond the expected, our team not only understands but implements techniques to help children overcome challenges with emotional expression. Since today is National Hug Day, we figured we’d fill you in on just a few of the benefits a simple hug can provide.

People tend to offer hugs for any occasion – love, sadness, comfort, excitement, and so on. Because of the full range of categories that hugging falls into, it’s appropriately suggested that hugging provides a universal level of comfort. However, scientific studies have proven that hugs go beyond comfort. Here’s a look.

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Assists in stress reduction

We, as adults, know how stressful the dealing of every day can be. Now put yourself in the shoes of your little one and imagine those same frustrations without the tools to handle that stress in a socially acceptable way. Scientists say that providing support to others through a simple hug significantly reduces levels of stress for both the giver and the receiver. So next time you see the frustrations building with your child, give it a try.

Increases levels of happiness

Hugs release oxytocin. Oxytocin is a chemical found in our bodies that is associated with happiness and pain reduction. Directly released with hugging, oxytocin is connected to human emotion, social recognition, and bonding. A study in 1998 found significantly lower levels of oxytocin in the blood plasma of children with autism. Another study in 2007 reported that supplemental oxytocin helped autistic children emotionally with speech intonation.

Aids in anxiety issues

Another interesting area that scientists studied within the world of hugs was anxiety. It’s reported that individuals with high anxiety benefit from the physical contact of hugging. For children, this often means overcoming fears. Whether it’s a hug from you or a favorite stuffed teddy, hugs make a world of difference when facing their biggest fears.

So now that you know go ahead and hug someone!

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Here at Watch Me Shine, our team is excited to offer Bangor child care that surpasses that of our competition. What makes us so unique? Well, we’d like to think it’s our above and beyond approach. We’re not just a daycare center; we’re your extended family.  Contact us today and have peace of mind that your little one is in the best environment possible, aside from home of course!

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