Importance of Early Intervention

Importance of Early Intervention

As with anything else, the sooner you identify problems, the more easily they can be remedied. When it comes to issues with speech or other learning disabilities, early intervention can help your child “catch up” with their classmates more quickly than if the diagnosis comes later. Early intervention here at Watch Me Shine helps us develop and implement individualized programs to help your child grow and develop at their own pace while addressing problems before they require more attention.


What is Early?

Here at Watch Me Shine, we offer an array of services for young children, such as speech and occupational therapy, to help target developmental delays and accelerate your child’s learning. In addition to identified delays, a child is also eligible for early intervention if they have a disability that will likely lead to a delay, like hearing loss or congenital impairment. “Early” is considered anytime from birth to age three. These programs can help in an array of skills, such as physical, cognitive, communication, adaptive, social, or sensory processing.


Higher Chance of Success

Identifying developmental delays in your child early on can bring the highest chance of success. This can possibly eliminating the need for special education. Children develop incredibly quickly when they are young, and targeting problems early on can correct them more easily. For example, if your child shows signs of a speech problem from a young age, our program can correct this problem with simple exercises. These include teaching your child how to correctly move their mouths and use exercises to develop muscle memory. If the problem is identified later, you will need to “reverse” the muscle memory of the wrong action, and then teach the correct operation.

Early intervention programs are not just for the child. At Watch Me Shine, we emphasize the need for family involvement in your child’s program. We also offer support classes for parents and families to ensure your child is getting the most out of therapies.

We understand that every child learns and develops at their own pace. Early intervention programs can help catch problems early, ensuring your child can learn to the best of their abilities. Feel free to stop by our center in Bangor, ME to learn more about what we have to offer.

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