It’s Children’s Dental Health Month!

It’s Children’s Dental Health Month!

As one of the top Bangor child care centers, our Watch Me Shine team understands that several aspects go into creating healthy habits for children. Being Children’s Dental Health Awareness month, we thought it the perfect time to talk teeth.

As you know, teaching children good dental habits is vital in ensuring their overall health and well-being. Here are a few tips to help you teach your children good oral hygiene practices.


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Start early

The earlier you begin teaching your children about dental hygiene, the better. When your child’s first tooth appears, clean it with a soft, damp cloth or a toothbrush designed for babies.


Make it fun

Children are more likely to engage in healthy habits if they find them fun and enjoyable. Try incorporating songs, games, or other activities that make brushing and flossing more entertaining for your child.


Lead by example

Children often learn by watching and imitating the adults around them. Make sure to model good oral hygiene practices by regularly brushing and flossing your teeth and visiting the dentist regularly.


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Use age-appropriate tools

As your child grows, they will need different toothbrushes and kinds of toothpaste. Be sure to use these that are specifically designed for children, and teach your child how to use them properly.


Be consistent

Establishing a regular dental hygiene routine is important for children. Make sure to brush and floss at the same time every day, and schedule regular dental check-ups for your child.


Make it a team effort

Encourage your child to take responsibility for their oral hygiene by allowing them to brush and floss independently. This will help them feel more in control and invested in their dental health.



Positive reinforcement can be an effective way to encourage children to maintain good habits. Consider rewarding your child for brushing and flossing regularly, or for visiting the dentist without any fuss.



Teach your child about the importance of oral hygiene and how it relates to overall health. Explain how sugar can lead to cavities, how plaque can cause gum disease, and how regular dental checkups can prevent serious problems down the road.


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Following these tips can help your child develop good dental habits that will last a lifetime. Remember to be patient, and always make oral hygiene fun and enjoyable for your child!


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