What to Look for in Bangor Child Care

What to Look for in Bangor Child Care

When looking for a daycare provider, there are probably thousands of things running through your mind. Is the curriculum what my child needs? Are the teachers caring? We’ve compiled this list to help you figure out what to look for in your ideal program. Although everyone has different needs, we believe that’s what makes Watch Me Shine, our Bangor child care center, so unique. We offer a variety of educational programs and therapy services to give every child the attention they need.


Bridging what a child learns at school with what they’re doing at home is the most effective way for children to retain information. At our Bangor child care center, we work with the families to develop the “wrap around method.” This involves making sure the parents and teachers are always on the same page. But this doesn’t always mean teachers and therapists just telling parents what we learned in the classroom that day. It also means parents are communicating about how the children are doing at home, and what they could work on.


Effective communication leads to effective personalization. Teachers and therapists can create plans that allow your child to thrive. For example, if we know they like to complete jigsaw puzzles and sing songs, we can develop activities that enable them to do these things. By combining their interests with our curriculum, we can create a learning plan that’s easy to follow, both in the classroom and at home.


Having all of the above things is great, but ineffective if the daycare organization doesn’t have the means to deliver on its promises. Here at Watch Me Shine, we like to keep our classes small, so each child receives the individual attention they need.

Each child is different, and what you’re looking for in a Bangor child care organization is also different. But here at Watch Me Shine, our core values revolve around this fact, and our staff works hard to capitalize on this individuality to help each child succeed. Visit our website here for more information about our services.

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