3 Signs Speech Therapy May Be In Your Child’s Future

3 Signs Speech Therapy May Be In Your Child’s Future

As a parent, you’re in tune with every detail involving your child’s life. Because of this, what one person may consider ‘normal’ or ‘on-track’ may not be so in your eyes. As the parent, you know your child the best. With that in mind, your gut knows when intervention or therapy services may be required. At Watch Me Shine, we specialize in ME speech therapy for children of all ages.

Because of our years of experience, we are often faced with parents concerned about their child’s speech progression. While “first children talk later” and “siblings talk sooner” is a common belief, it’s not a one size fits all statement. Generally, most children learn skills within the 12 -18 month range. However, it’s crucial to remember that all children develop at their own pace. So, instead of following rigid guidelines, knowing the signs that your child may require language or speech therapy is the best route.

Here, we are providing you with three common signs that it is time to give our team a call.



  1. Your child is speaking but having trouble with specific sounds

While it is completely normal for younger children to mispronounce words and sounds, at some point, it should be corrected.  Keep in mind that for some, age 6 is not uncommon to have these corrections occur.

When in doubt, contact a professional for an evaluation. In most cases, working with your young child at home on proper pronunciation will resolve the issue.


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  1. Is your child stuttering?

By the age of 3, stuttering should dissipate. If you notice that your child pauses excessively while talking, stretches the beginning sound of a word, or is having apparent trouble saying words or sounds, ME speech therapy may be in order.


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  1. Does your child speak in sentences?

Again, every child develops at their own pace. However, between the ages of 1 ½ and 2, your child should be able to put a few words together, if not an entire sentence. If your toddler struggles do so, screening can help you determine if speech or language therapy could help!


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At Watch Me Shine, our goal is to foster optimal communication through interventions tailored to the specific needs of each child. Our techniques take an integrated approached, allowing for some of the most innovative and successful ME speech therapy services.

If you believe your child is exhibiting difficulties with language, please contact our team today by calling (207) 990-0162. Our highly experienced and trained staff is happy to provide further information on the programs offered.

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