Occupational Therapy Highlight

Occupational Therapy Highlight

If you’re unfamiliar with occupational therapy, you came to the right place. Occupational therapy is a form of therapy designed to practice and use skills necessary for daily life to encourage rehabilitation from both mental and physical disabilities. At Watch Me Shine, our occupational therapy programs are designed to cater to the needs of each child. No two programs are identical, because no two children are identical.

Experience Accomplishment

Everyone, including children, love experiencing a sense of accomplishment. Our programs feed off of this feeling by celebrating big wins, and using milestones to pave the way for the next skill. It’s important to use learned skills in order to get better at them, but also to build off of. For example, learning to tie your shoes is a large task to tackle. Instead, our occupational therapy programs break down the process into steps: grabbing each lace, crossing them over, making “bunny ears,” etc. This allows more, smaller, milestones that can be just as celebrated.

Every Child is Unique

Our programs can help students with a variety of disabilities, including sensory, physical, and cognitive. Most of our programs are 1:1, meaning your child will receive highly individualized attention from a trained professional. We also offer small group sessions to practice social skills and other tasks necessary for daily independence.

The Importance of Play

Here at Watch Me Shine, we use play as a major catalyst for success and accomplishment. Play increases social skills by encouraging communication with other students, but imaginative activities improve cognition and brain development. We create games centered around specific tasks to practice skills necessary for everyday life.

We also understand the importance of early cognitive development. The earlier we can correct a potential problem, the easier it will be to overcome. Our staff will work with early intervention specialists to develop the most effective program for you and your child. For more information about our occupational therapy and other programs, please call (207) 990-0162.

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