Perks of Maine Special Education at Watch Me Shine: The Wrap Around Method

Perks of Maine Special Education at Watch Me Shine: The Wrap Around Method

Watch Me Shine was founded on the idea that every child is unique. This individuality spreads from how they do things and learn about how they interact with their peers and the world around them. We kept this in mind when we developed the wrap around method of teaching. We apply this style to all our therapy, Maine special education, and traditional classroom environments. Read on to learn more about our programs and how this method can benefit your child.

What Is The Wrap Around Method?

Consistency is vital when it comes to learning a new skill. Here at Watch Me Shine, we like to include the parents and family members of our students in just about everything we do. This connection bridges the gap between school and home and allows the lessons and teaching techniques to extend far beyond the classroom. The more children become immersed in the lesson, the more likely they are to understand the concept. All of our Maine special education programs employ this style of teaching.

How Does It Benefit the Child?

Establishing a united front between teachers and parents is essential for student success. Our programs range from learning how to read and write to practicing how to tie our shoes during occupational therapy. No matter what we’re teaching students, it’s significantly easier when parents are involved. Understanding and collaborating allow us to individualize and map out each child’s learning plan and cater lessons to them. This personalization also allows parents to use techniques that they are comfortable with and understand.

How Can I Help?

Communication is key for our programs. For the wrap around method to be successful, you must engage in a two-way conversation with our staff. We want you to know our team and understand their relationship with your child, as well as vice versa. Understanding home dynamics and schedules allow us to cater to your child’s learning to what fits your life as well as what is best for them.

We want to cultivate each child’s individuality and watch them shine here in our facility. For more information about our Maine special education and other programs, call (207) 990-0162 to speak with one of our education professionals.

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