Home and Community Services

Home and Community Services

Section 28: Home and Community Services for Children with Special Needs, Cognitive Impairments, and Functional Limitations.

Watch Me Shine was born out of the need for quality care that addressed needs at home – something that no specialists could provide just yet.

As WMS has grown over time, we’ve made it our primary goal to help students and families alike find solutions that will help them succeed. It all starts at home, where our mission is to teach all family members about student behavior and provide them ways to interact with children that foster relationships.

Once we work with families in-depth, we are able to tailor-make a plan that is best suited for the needs of all involved. The students’ skills sharpen as family members gain an understanding. Consistent involvement at home and education from WMS opens the doors to full, complete relationships children and family members alike deserve.

Simply put, the Home and Community services provided by Watch Me Shine exist to help improve life for children and their families by asking the critical question, “what are family member needs and how can they help students succeed?”

  • Play and Social

Play is instrumental in learning, and there are plenty of benefits to play that are not so visible on the surface. We encourage play during our home services because it enriches relationships and helps students learn.

Children can develop social skills, relationships, and more through play. Once they get acclimated to the idea of play, there is room for purposeful, educational play that helps them retain concepts. That’s why play is such an important piece of our services.

Common Home & Community Goals

Communication Objectives: Learn to develop relationships, initiate and maintain interactions with others, etc. as well as be more interactive with families.

Daily Living Skills: Establish ability to dress, eat, complete hygiene, following family routine, picking up after themselves, helping with chose, acting more independently, etc.

Behavior Regulation Techniques: Help families develop the capacity to recognize emotions and to express themselves while reducing aggressive outbursts

We support Families:  We work with the families to teach their children to engage them, have rich relationships, play and interact….  We teach families how to support their child’s behavioral challenges and teach them how to manage their behaviors and communicate in a calm and purposeful manner.  We help families connect with resources and other services and to  keep their children safe.

Section 28 services are approved and funded through MaineCare.

Home and Community Services

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