A Special Education Like No Other

A Special Education Like No Other

Here at Watch Me Shine, our individualized approach to cater to the needs of every child was developed out of necessity. No other program out there bridges the gap between home skills with those learned in the classroom. Our special education programs focus on integrating skills learned in our center with at home activities and everyday life, making it easy for your child to learn the skills more quickly.

What Skills Do You Teach?

Our special education professionals are focused on creating programs that help children learn life skills through play and fun activities. We center our programs on daily skills like eating and dressing independently, helping with chores around the home, hygiene tasks, and overall being more independent. Then, we work on relationship skills like initiating and maintaining reactions with others, and communicating better and more regularly with family members. Further, developing behavior regulation techniques works to reduce outbursts and communicate emotions more effectively.

How Do You Teach These Skills?

The best way to teach social skills with young children is through play. Both organized and free play are vital activities here at Watch Me Shine. Organized play helps children learn skills through games and activities. Unorganized, or free play, is ideal to help students practice their communication skills and build relationships with other students. It also encourages imaginative activities, which is critical for brain development. These are easy to incorporate into home life, so integrating skills learned in the classroom should be seamless.

We highly encourage you to communicate and reach out to your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns. Our program builds around the idea of bridging the gap between home life and skills learned in the classroom. It’s important for both teachers and parents to be on the same page. For more information about our special education programs, please call us at (207) 990-0162.

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