Language Speech Therapy – How Does It All Work?

Language Speech Therapy – How Does It All Work?

Noticing that your child requires extra help learning to communicate or pronounce words clearly can be devastating. Not understanding the reasoning, the best practices, or where to turn can quickly become overwhelming and stressful. However, knowing that language speech therapy in Maine is available and can be an integral part of building your child’s communication skills is the breath of fresh air you’ve been looking for.

At Watch Me Shine, our team of highly trained, qualified, and experienced professionals are proud to offer speech therapy services to help your child grow and develop in a positive environment. Here is a closer look at the program and how it can benefit your little one.


Individualized Attention

The core of any plan is its individualized nature. Because each child has different needs, our team strives to serve each child, allowing them to learn at their own pace. This includes building an individualized plan around what your child requires to thrive.

The process begins by assessing their needs. From there, we work from the ground up to develop a comprehensive plan. These plans work to expand your child’s communication skills and, ultimately, improve their overall quality of life!


A Family Focus

Another significant part of speech and language therapy that ensures success is the focus on the family. Taking a look at each child’s profile, our professionals then take the time to observe how family interactions occur. This process enables us to provide coaching if necessary and brings the whole family into the journey. Additionally, we encourage students to bring learned skills home, and with the support of their family, continue their learning outside of the classroom.


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Watch Me Shine is proud to have highly qualified, certified speech and language therapists on staff. With several years of experience working with clients in various settings, you can have confidence that your child’s needs will be at the forefront of our day. No matter how much or how little intervention is required, every journey is treated with care, respect, and the ultimate goal of becoming the best little person your child can be!


Language and speech therapy in Maine with Watch Me Shine is a beneficial, enriching addition to a child’s learning. Helping children to overcome language difficulties, articulation problems, apraxia, and more, we’re here for whatever the need may be. To learn more about the programs offered at Watch Me Shine, please call us at (207) 990-0162 for more information on how we can help support your child through developmental milestones.

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