Speech Therapy ME: Does Your Toddler Need Speech Therapy?

Speech Therapy ME: Does Your Toddler Need Speech Therapy?

There are many developmental milestones for toddlers. If you think your child isn’t reaching those milestones, we can help! 

If you’re worried that your child may be struggling with speech or language delays, speech therapy from Watch Me Shine in Bangor, ME can help! Scrolling through parental blogs and Facebook groups for the answers to your toddler’s speech or a language delay can prove time-consuming and stressful. Our staff at Watch Me Shine can provide your family peace of mind with family-centered therapy sessions to assist your child with speech and language delays.

Speech and Language Development in Stages

Speech and language delays are the most common types of developmental delay in children. At least one out of 5 children will show signs of these delays. Some behavior issues can also occur due to frustration when they can’t express their wants or needs. 

Stage One

At first, a one-year-old child will react to you when you speak aloud. This reaction shows their cognition of gestures and words. Examples include:


  1. Turning to you when you speak or looking in the direction you point to.
  2. Responding to their own name or turning to find the noise source.
  3. Saying at least one word, e.g. “da-da” or “ma-ma”


Stage Two

By the time your child is two, their speech should be more interactive. Examples of interaction are:

  1. Relating words to pictures in books or on TV
  2. Following small commands like waving hello or placing a cup on a table when asked
  3. Say small three-to-four-word sentences that you can understand


Sometimes speech delays are temporary. This may be resolved independently with some help from you and your family. However, encouraging them to talk or gesture with their hands may end in frustration between you and your toddler. It is always advisable to speak with your child’s physician for a possible diagnosis, as some of these signs may be related to something more, e.g. Autism or hearing loss.


Speech Therapy ME

If you think your child needs speech therapy or you’ve received a recommendation for speech therapy from your child’s physician, our staff at Watch Me Shine in Bangor, ME can help! Our staff is professionally trained to meet your child’s needs through all stages of development, using a team approach with your family and child in mind.


If you think your child may require speech therapy, contact Watch Me Shine today by calling (207) 990-0162!

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