Stuck Inside on a Rainy Day? Try These Ideas!

Stuck Inside on a Rainy Day? Try These Ideas!

Summer is supposed to be warm and sunny, so you can fill your days with outdoor activities, both at home and elsewhere. But we’ve had our share of rainy days this summer, which can really throw a wrench into your summer plans. And if you’re in charge of child care on a rainy day, coming up with activities to keep your kids entertained and engaged can be a real challenge. Luckily, your child care team at Watch Me Shine is here to help!


Here are some of our favorite activities to make child care fun on a rainy summer day.


Indoor Picnic

Just because you can’t go outside, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a picnic! Pack up your basket for a walk from the kitchen to the living room, and then spread a blanket on the floor to enjoy your picnic. Meals are a little more fun when you get to sit on the floor, especially when you’re a kid.


Board Games and Puzzles

Do you have that closet or shelf full of board games and puzzles that you never play with? If you’re like most families, you probably do. A rainy day is a great time to pull a few down that you played once and never touched again. If you have games that you loved as a child, introduce them to your kids. Or you can try one you’ve never played before and find a new family favorite.


Arts and Crafts Station

Arts and crafts are a go-to for rainy-day activities. If you need some ideas, there are plenty of lists online with easy crafts using items you probably already have in your house. Pick a few that appeal to you and your kids, and try your hand at them. Having multiple easy crafts that you can do is great for kids who have a hard time focusing for long periods.


Indoor Treasure Hunt

Everyone loves a treasure hunt, and it’s easy to put one together inside. Hide your kids’ favorite toys or look around for new “treasures” for them to find and keep. You can give them a list and send them hunting or write clues to give them hints about the hiding places. You can also hide objects along a theme to make your treasure hunt sneakily educational.


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