3 Thanksgiving Language Therapy Games for Your Child

3 Thanksgiving Language Therapy Games for Your Child

While the holidays are quickly approaching, Maine language therapy services must go on. With a little creativity, you can incorporate the business of the day into a learning experience for your child. In this article, we’re providing three of many games to consider playing during the Thanksgiving break.


Thanksgiving Bingo

Who doesn’t love a good game of Bingo? This year, you’ll want to swap out the numbers for pictures related to the holiday. Call out clues like, “which item did the Pilgrim’s wear on their heads,” or “this fruit makes a great pie.” Get those little minds thinking with a bit of creative fun!


Scholastic Thanksgiving Memory

Memory is a classic game created to spark several fundamental growth pieces within your child. However, this Thanksgiving, instead of pictures, play word memory. For a few ideas on Thanksgiving words, check out Scholastic’s First Thanksgiving Vocabulary Guide.

This list was designed for PreK through 12, so take your take looking through the list. Create memory cards that are age and level appropriate for your child. This should be fun, not frustrating for them!


Rhyming Games

As you’re busy in the kitchen, the last thing on your mind is playing a game. However, this is the perfect opportunity to engage your child in the day’s activities as well as learn. Depending on the child’s age, there are several variations for rhyming games. The simplest form is stating a food, utensil, or whatever else may be the moment’s focus and making as many rhymes as possible with the object’s name.

If your child is more advanced, grab a sheet of paper and a crayon. Divide the paper into columns and label “like” and “don’t like.” Your child can place words as they see fit in which column they feel it belongs. For another challenge, write an adjective to describe the food.


As experts in language therapy in Maine, our team at Watch Me Shine wishes all of our families a very happy and safe holiday season! For more information on how our experienced staff can help your family, contact us today at (207) 990-0162.

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