The Connection Between Handwriting and Speech Therapy

The Connection Between Handwriting and Speech Therapy

Communication skills are essential to forming relationships, so parents and educators rightly put an emphasis on helping their children develop these skills. Communication falls into two main categories: written and verbal. Developing both types of communication skills helps children understand and convey ideas through written and spoken language. But some kids need help, which is why we have occupational and speech therapy so they can catch up to where they should be. Although they address different aspects of communication, developing handwriting and speech skills at the same time helps children to improve both.


In this article, we’re going to take a look at the connection between improving handwriting skills and speech therapy.


Cognitive Skills

Both speech and handwriting require cognitive skills, including memory, attention, and sequencing. Speech therapy targets the cognitive skills that aid in language processing and production. Practicing handwriting can enhance these cognitive skills as children make the connection between the words they are writing and the ideas they communicate. This helps them recall and choose the words they need to verbally communicate what they are thinking and feeling.


Sensory and Motor Skills Integration

The integration of sensory and motor skills is important for both speech and handwriting. While writing, we rely on touch to know that the pencil is touching the page and where on the page we are writing. When learning to speak and form words, we become accustomed to how it feels to shape our mouths and tongues to produce certain sounds. In both forms of communication, the goal is to integrate the sensory and motor skills until the motions become automatic and you don’t have to think about what to do with your mouth or your hand to form the written or spoken words.


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Language Expression

The goal of both occupational therapy for handwriting and speech therapy is to help a child communicate clearly. Children may display an aptitude for one mode of communication over the other—as many adults do—but strengthening one will improve the other. Learning to write by hand improves children’s reading skills, and reading helps to build vocabulary. Similarly, improving speech skills helps children learn how words sound out loud and, therefore, become more natural writers and more comfortable with translating spoken words into written language.


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