Bangor Child Care: Making Learning Successful

Bangor Child Care: Making Learning Successful

Many people still think of learning as a streamlined process: the concept is introduced, students learn it, and the cycle repeats. However, what people often forget is that everyone absorbs ideas in different ways. As the premier Bangor child care center, our team at Watch Me Shine understands that every child is an individual. Thus, the learning process needs to become an individual experience, not a streamlined one.

It is a critical step to ensure all needs are addressed when learning takes place. By doing so, every student is award the opportunity to gain complete confidence in their abilities and performance. In this article, we’re looking at a few situations that impact the learning process and cause it to be different for everyone.


Home Life

One of the most significant aspects for a child revolves around their home life. From parents to siblings, how a household operates plays a huge role in learning abilities. For instance, a structured home with guidelines and set time for quiet focusing encourages students to fully engage in their studies. Further, knowing they have a family member to utilize as a resource should questions arise is equally important! On the other hand, a noisy, chaotic home will make it much more difficult for a child to focus and absorb the lesson.

Your home has an impact on your child’s ability to focus, communicate, build confidence, and complete their work.

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Cognitive Development

At Watch Me Shine, we are the only early intervention program in Bangor that focuses on the social, emotional, and behavioral aspects of learning. Our highly qualified team takes the time to recognize cognitive behaviors in every child. From there, we tailor-make a lesson plan that is best for their needs and abilities.

Cognitive impairments affect your child’s day in every aspect. From memory to learning new skills and lessons, this type of impairment can cause significant frustrations. Recognizing, understanding, and modifying is critical in helping children with cognitive impairments succeed in their learning journey.

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Teaching Methods

Another important aspect of reaching a student lies within the concept explanation. However, not every teacher is the same. Depending on the curriculum and approach, the learning experience can be very different for every child. How the ideas is taught makes a significant difference. For example, if you present a visual learner a lesson without any visual aids, understanding what is being taught becomes much more difficult.

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When researching child care centers in Bangor, Maine, it’s imperative to choose a center that looks beyond the surface. At Watch Me Shine, we understand how critical it is to take the time to get to know our students on a personal level. With their best interests first, we do everything possible for your child to have a successful learning journey.

To learn more about the programs offered at Watch Me Shine, contact us today at (207)-990-0162.

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