Why Is Watch Me Shine Special?

Why Is Watch Me Shine Special?

When choosing a daycare provider, there are a lot of things to consider as a parent. Between costs, proximity to your home, the overall culture of the facility, and what they have to offer, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Here at Watch Me Shine, we’re dedicated to providing the best special education Maine has to offer.


We understand how challenging it can be to find a program that makes your child feel like they belong. Our classrooms are small enough for each child to get the individual attention they deserve while also building relationships and learning valuable social skills. We also work with families to develop programs that work for you, but more about that later.

Therapy Programs

Maine special education programs are designed to address specific skills and problems. Here at Watch Me Shine, this is accompanied by personalized therapy programs for not only students but families as well. We understand that a child’s success hinges on family life as well, and we want everyone to be happy and healthy.

We offer occupational therapy, speech and language programs, early intervention, and family counseling services, to name a few.

Attention to Individuality

Each child is unique, and playing to their strengths and working on their weaknesses is what’s going to bring success. By communicating with families and having small classroom sizes, we’re able to design activities that all our students will enjoy. With full-day preschool and childcare available, we want your children to make the most of their time here.

Whether you’re looking for part time daycare for your baby, speech therapy for a preschooler, or family counseling services, Watch Me Shine is here to help. Our Maine special education programs give each child a chance to shine. Check out our website here for more information about our services.

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