What is Apraxia of Speech?

What is Apraxia of Speech?

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CAS, or childhood apraxia of speech, is a speech disorder in children. However, this particular disorder is not an issue of muscle strength or training. In this article, we will discuss the workings of, symptoms, and treatment of CAS. Our licensed staff at Watch Me Shine will assist with language therapy in Maine that will help your child to succeed.



CAS is a speech disorder in which the brain has difficulty communicating and coordinating the oral movements needed to articulate sounds properly. Often, children with CAS will blend sounds together, making it difficult to understand the words they are saying. This difficulty becomes even more apparent as the child ages and begins to create sentences. With CAS, the brain struggles to direct the muscles to move the right way. Often, the coordinating between the tongue, lips, and jaw are the affected areas.




The three most common signs of childhood apraxia of speech are:

1. A delay in the onset of the child’s first words.
2. Different pronunciation of a word each time the child says it.
3. The child struggles when moving from one sound or syllable to another.
4. Short, single-syllable words
5. Limited vocabulary

Most noticeable between 18 and 24 months, these are just a few of the most prominent signs that your child may need language therapy. However, it’s important to keep in mind that some symptoms of CAS are often confused with other types of speech development disorders. For example, dysarthria is a speech disorder with similarities in symptoms. However, unlike apraxia, dysarthria is due to an inability to control the speech muscles. Click here to learn more about symptoms and differences from the experts at the Mayo Clinic. Keep in mind; it’s always best to have a professional evaluation occur before assuming anything with your child.




When it comes to language therapy in Maine, the treatment plan is unique to each child. After an evaluation by a licensed professional, a program will be created based upon their specific needs. Treatments can include the practice of syllables, words, and phrases. However, depending on the severity of CAS, sign language may be utilized to help communication until the child can develop the skills he or she needs.



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