Who Knew Halloween Candy Could be Educational?

Who Knew Halloween Candy Could be Educational?

With Halloween around the corner, the team here at Watch Me Shine wanted to take a moment to focus on the fun, educational opportunities the season provides to us. As a premier center in Bangor for child care, our vision is to provide a dynamic and collaborative learning environment.

Instead of filling your child with an abundance of sugary treats, they would not otherwise have, focus on the development activities at hand. If you’re not quite sure where to start, here are a few ideas to inspire you! If you have more, please share! We always welcome new, inspiring, and creative ideas to share with the families in our center.

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Candy Corn Counting and Matching

Although we teach our children not to play with their food, candy corn is undoubtedly an exception. These sugary little bursts of color are a perfect learning tool. A few of our favorite games involving counting and matching. With a sheet of paper, you can sketch (or create a digital version) of candy corn patterns. Arrange the candies facing in different directions, create pictures, and so on. This activity is perfect for coordination and problem-solving skills.

After the activity is complete, continue with, How many candy corn did you use? How many candy corn are facing left or right? Or perhaps your child is past the counting stage and onto math. Candy corn is the perfect tool. Create math problems using addition or subtraction, greater or lesser, and so on.


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Gummy Candy Experiments

Whether bear or worm, or whatever other creepy creation arrives in your home, gummies are perfect for science experiments! With your child, measure a few tablespoons of baking soda to add to one cup of warm water. From here, you’ll add your gummy worms to the mixture so they can absorb and grow; about ten minutes should be good. Next, fish out your worms and place them into a second glass filled with vinegar. You and your child will be amazed at the dance moves a gummy worm has!


Create the Rainbow

We’ve all heard the Skittles commercial. You know, the one about tasting the rainbow? Well, with multiple packs of skittles on hand, now is the perfect time to make the rainbow. For this one, you’ll need a few plates, water, and of course, skittle. Place your skittles around the outside of the plate. Don’t forget to get creative here; patterns are perfect learning opportunities! Once your candies are in place, slowly pour water into the center of the plate until your skittles are just covered. Wait and watch what happens next!


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If you’ve been searching for a home away from home for your child, consider Watch Me Shine for your Bangor child care needs. For more information on our unique vision, call today at (207) 990-0162.

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