Why Kinetic Sand Is Everyone’s New Favorite Toy

Why Kinetic Sand Is Everyone’s New Favorite Toy

At least once a year, a new toy comes out that everyone just has to have. Most of these toys are short-lived fads, but some of them stick around as perennial favorites. One of these suddenly-popular toys is Kinetic Sand. Since it hit shelves in 2014, Kinetic Sand has been a favorite toy for kids of all ages, and we don’t think it’s going away anytime soon. In fact, the company that makes the officially branded Kinetic Sand, SpinMaster, named August 11 Global Kinetic Sand Day in 2020. Both parents and professionals who are responsible for child care know how much fun Kinetic Sand is, but it’s also great for kids’ skills and development.


Fine Motor Skills and Sensory Play

Developing fine motor skills is essential for early childhood development. Playing with Kinetic Sand is a great way to encourage kids to use and strengthen their fine motor skills. Because it is so easy to squeeze, shape, and mold, kids love to get their fingers in there and make shapes with the Kinetic Sand. It also helps to improve kids’ hand-eye coordination as they can see the immediate results their actions have on the sand. This also contributes to the sensory aspect of Kinetic Sand. Kids learn a lot through tactile sensory experiences, which is why sensory play is so important for young children. To add to the sensory aspect of Kinetic Sand, you can make your own at home rather than buying it. That gives kids the opportunity to feel the difference between the sand at the start and after you add stuff to it that makes it “kinetic.”


Creative and Imaginative Activities

The feel of Kinetic Sand isn’t the only thing we love about it. Kinetic Sand also holds its shape without much effort. Whether you get your kids molds to make shapes in the sand or they just use their hands, there’s no limit to how they can play and create. You can also use items you have around the house or find outside to make shapes in the sand. Let kids get creative with the items they pick to shape and play with the sand.


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