2 Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts That Aren’t Tracing a Hand

2 Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts That Aren’t Tracing a Hand

We all remember making a hand turkey craft to take home to our parents. Some of our parents still have them and put them on display every Thanksgiving. As cute and easy as the hand turkey craft is, there are plenty of other ways to turn our favorite Thanksgiving bird into a fun craft to do with your kids. While your kids are home from their regular Bangor child care, it’s important to set aside some special time with them over the long holiday weekend. Doing a craft is a great way to spend quality time with your kids during a busy holiday season.


Our Bangor child care team has found two easy crafts for your kids this Thanksgiving that don’t involve tracing a hand.


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Paper Bag Turkey Puppet

This one is quick and easy. It’s great if you don’t have a lot of time (or kids that don’t like to sit still for too long. All you need is some small paper bags, construction paper, googly eyes, craft feathers, and glue.

Glue some feathers to the back of the paper bag. (The part of the bag that flaps up will be the “face” of the puppet.) Red, yellow, and orange are the most seasonally appropriate colors, but you can use whatever you like. Once the feathers are attached, flip the bag over and add the googly eyes and a triangle of construction paper for the beak. And that’s it!


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Balloon Turkeys

This craft is another simple one. The only supplies you need are balloons, construction paper or colored cardstock, googly eyes, and double-sided tape. Blow up the balloons so you know how big the turkeys will be, and set them aside. Next, cut out feathers (or use some craft feathers from the puppets!), beaks, and waddles from the construction paper or cardstock. Use double-sided tape (glue can be tricky on a curved surface) to attach everything to the balloons. And there you go! You have balloon turkeys to use as decorations or play with.


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At Watch Me Shine, we understand that it can be hard to juggle everything you have to do, especially around the holidays. Setting aside some time to do some crafts with your kids while they’re home from their regular Bangor child care is a great way to take a pause and do something fun.


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