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Early Intervention for Motor Skills

While every child will develop at their own pace, there are milestones that you expect them to hit by a certain age.

Speech Therapy ME: Does Your Toddler Need Speech Therapy?

Knowing the early signs helps to get your child the intervention they may need with speech development skills.

3 Developmental Skills Associated With Puzzle Making

If there is one thing that unites every individual, it is that we are different. Children are no exception. Being unique in everything we do also means that every child learns and thrives differently. This said, there are many studies that show that certain elements of play offer the same beneficial developmental skills. For example, […]

Language Speech Therapy – How Does It All Work?

When your child requires speech and language therapy, knowing you have an expert team of professionals that put your child first is key. Here is a look at our process.

An Inside Look at Language – Speech Therapy

You’ve heard of it. But how much do you understand about language and speech therapy services? Here’s an inside look.

2 Steps To Improve Challenging Behaviors

Life can be challenging, and so can difficult behaviors. With these simple tips, you can take back control.

Maine Special Education Teachers Connecting With Families

Our team understands that every child is unique, which is why we take the time to tailor programs.

3 Signs Speech Therapy May Be In Your Child’s Future

If you think your child may be struggling with speech, it’s important to recognize the signs versus understanding expectations. Here is a look.

Bangor Child Care: Making Learning Successful

Understanding your child’s needs as well as how their environment impacts their learning is crucial to their success.

3 Thanksgiving Language Therapy Games for Your Child

The holidays are quickly approaching, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to put your child’s therapy services aside. Here are few ideas to keep them engaged.

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