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Special Ed ME: Observing Autism Awareness Month

The month of April is designated as Autism Awareness Month. It is an excellent opportunity to promote acceptance and understanding for people with autism spectrum disorder and support them and their families.

3 Easy Crafts for Children’s Craft Day!

Yesterday, March 14th, was Children’s Craft Day! Doing crafts with your kids, especially when they are little, helps them develop their fine motor skills and encourages creativity.

Celebrate National Fairy Tale Day!

Hello Families!  Today is National Fairy Tale Day! What is your favorite Fairy Tale? From Jack and the Bean Stalk to The Three Little Pigs, or an old favorite such as the Three Billy Goats Gruff! Fairy tales are wonderful as they spark a young child’s imagination while also showing children how the characters can […]

It’s Children’s Dental Health Month!

As you know, teaching children good dental habits is vital in ensuring their overall health and well-being. Here are a few tips to help you teach your children good oral hygiene practices.

3 Benefits Kids Get from Special Education

At Watch Me Shine, we know that every child is different. Those differences are what make each child special, but sometimes they can pose challenges for educators in traditional settings.

Start a New Holiday Tradition with Gingerbread Cookies!

What better holiday activity is there than baking gingerbread cookies? Try out this recipe to make gingerbread cookies with your kids.

These Will Be Your New Favorite Thanksgiving Treat!

Learn to make Thanksgiving Turkey Treats and have a fun and delicious time with your kids this holiday weekend!

Fun and Easy Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Kids

It’s almost Halloween, and that means pumpkin carving! Here are some tips for carving pumpkins with kids from your favorite child care team!

Bangor Child Care: Keeping Kids Safe in the Car

It’s Child Passenger Safety Week! Here are a few tips, and reminders, on best practices for car safety.

Special Education: Which Kids Need Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is an important tool in special education. Here are some signs that a child may benefit from occupational therapy.

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